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We plan to promote social circus worldwide, wherever it happens.

We present our first project: The Social Circus Colouring Book!

This is an idea made real by Charlie Bali (Spark Circus!) who has brought together images and ideas from dozens of social circuses across the globe to make a colouring-in book for kids (and adults;) in order to show the World the diversity and reach of Social Circus activities and groups.

coloured-in page sample

Send us a coloured-in page photo

If you've enjoyed colouring in a picture in the Colouring Book you can send us a photo of what you ...
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Social-Circus.com website launched 10th Nov 2018

A big hello and Welcome to social-circus.com This website and our group was just formed in November 2018. We don't ...
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502 Social Circus Groups around the World possibly

We have a big list of possible Social Circus Group around the World but we don't know if this list ...
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Our ongoing project is to promote social circus groups and activity across the globe. Wider public recognition of the work , reach and benefits of social circus will , we hope, help you raise funds and attract more publicity to support your projects.

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